Why KDE4?

Patricia Max pam at lampinc.com
Fri Dec 11 01:42:42 GMT 2009

I joined this email list because I was forced to use KDE4 on an updated Fedora system.  I have learned more than I can enumerate about KDE4, most of which seems like overkill to someone who uses the computer as I do.  Most of it also seems to be problems - lots of broken "stuff" (the new vocabulary escapes me, it's mostly irrelevant, and learning it seems unnecessary for what I use a computer for).

Paper tape, punched cards, one job at a time, Control Data Corporation, Data General, Cray, DEC, Sun Microsystems, SGI, HP, and BSD, to name a few, are part of my vocabulary.  Programming in C/C++ to modify/fix free software (I run fedora, not redhat so I support free software) is not in my future.  Using KDE4 is not in my future either.

KDE3 on my new fedora system is.  If that's not possible (and I'm not sure from what I've read if it is or is not possible), then I can use XFCE.  I guess.  Or stick with my old buggy system which functions about the same way I do much of the time!

The KDE4 world has passed me by.  I use the C shell which is a link to tcsh because my fingers know what to type and I know what to expect.  I don't need to know about plasmoids, dolphin, all the nfs mounting issues, running things from some GUI, etc.  And last, but not least, when I read about "folders" on Unix, I want to scream.  That term is not part of my Unix vocabulary.  It was not part of system V, it was not part of BSD, it was not part of other Unix flavors such as SunOS, and it was not part of early linux systems.  It belongs to Bill Gates.  In fact, I don't see what it has to do with KDE4 since directories are (should be) filesystem entities, not a window system entity.  My basic belief is that window systems/managers should be fast and small, not large and clunky.  OSs should a
 lso be fast and small, but vendors like to make their OSs big and clunky to sell faster and larger and more expensive computers.

So it's been interesting, and if anyone wants to flame me or my thoughts, you will have to flame me at my private address.  I can't handle the volume of email that "Why KDE4 is called KDE?" has generated.   When I subscribed, I wanted a few hints to make KDE4 work like KDE3 because it's what I am used to.  That does not seem possible, so I will leave the list.  Thanks for an interesting experience.  

Patricia Max 

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