Switching desktops with keyboard

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Dec 10 22:19:21 GMT 2009

Johannes Huesing posted on Thu, 10 Dec 2009 22:48:32 +0100 as excerpted:

> I recently switched to a more recent version of Ubuntu for reasons too
> far-fatched to be related here, and found KDE 3.5 replaced by KDE 4.3.
> As other users before me (as much I can gather from the list) I was in
> for a surprise.

Heh!  Me too, tho I had been following (and trying to use) kde4 since 
some weeks before the 4.0 release.  But I expected it to be usable by 
4.2.4, especially since kde was claiming it was usable by then, when I 
finally decided to get serious about the switch, without the well over 
100 hours I had to put into it to actually /make/ it usable.

> While cherishing the possibilities that follow <Alt>-<F2>, there are
> some mundane functions I would like to perform, such as switching
> between desktops with a keyboard shortcut, something that used to work
> with <Ctrl>-<Tab> under KDE. Is it possible to do anything like that
> with KDE4?

Yes.  I'm using kde 4.3.4 here but the below should be accurate for any 
4.3, and similar for 4.2.

In "the application formerly known as kcontrol" (generically and less 
accurately now renamed systemsettings), computer administration, keyboard 
and mouse, in the global keyboard shortcuts applet...

Select the kwin component, and look for and set as appropriate the switch 
desktops functions.  You probably want either switch to next/previous 
desktop (no shortcuts set, by default), or the individual desktop 
shortcuts (ctrl-F1 thru Fx).

FWIW, here I use the scrollwheel on desktop switching functionality 
instead, but I'm running dual 1920x1200 monitors, stacked for 1920x2400, 
with the bottom one my main work monitor and the top one running a bunch 
of system monitor stuff (yasp-scripted plasmoids from kdelook), but 
otherwise free for aux windows or free desktop.  Thus I nearly always 
have a bit of desktop free up there, to point at and hit the scrollwheel 
to switch desktops, and that's what I normally do.  Obviously that 
wouldn't work on a desktop without that sort of free real estate, and I'd 
use the keyboard shortcuts much more in then (as I likely will be doing 
on my netbook if I ever get it setup...).

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