Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Draciron Smith draciron at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 11:29:52 GMT 2009

You complain about unhelpful but calling people names is helping how?

She said she knew the guys in K3b means what? Contributes to the convo
how? I didn't dispute that she knew them. Didn't dispute her figures.
In fact I quoted them but somehow you took issue with my repeating HER

Software is only as useful as the people who use it and there is a
great number of people upset about the lost functionality.  This is
relivent and necessary. It's not just one person or two people it's
boatloads. I heard tons of it before I ever tried KDE 4. I just
reecently moved up too a distro using KDE 4 and discovered why people
were so upset.  There are others still using distros with KDE 3.x
who'll wander in here saying the same things six months, probably even
a year from now.

So disqualifying our opinions and negating us as unworthy to listen
too is both rude and unproductive.  Every user's opinion is worth
listening too. Just because you don't like that opinion doesn't give
you a reason to negate it.

Nor am I attempting to order anybody to do anything. I started by
asking what happened too all the lost functionality and expressing
dismay and grief for the damage done to the world's best UI.  So did
the person who started this thread. Since then it's turned as much to
a potential fork and what is involved in such a fork. That IS
constructive. If the fork happens then everybody is happy and KDE
gains in functionality and a wider user base. Folks that like the new
way can happily use it. Folks that want features back from the old KDE
can get that as well.  So why all the flak? I never said YOU should do
it for us. Never implied it and would never ask you even if you were a
coder.  Would have a bazillian questions early on too various KDE
developers about how things interact and if they wrote sections why
they did this and that the way they did. Once the code was properly
understood would need to work with KDE developers to make sure they
didn't close off essential functionality and write the fork out of
future versions. That is assuming a UI fork which is simpler and
easier but requires cooperation that is looking dubious.

A complete fork and us forkers would be completely on our own.

You may love the new KDE but many of us it's just barely usuable or
really not usable at all and we are just trying to save it. Whether
thorugh petitions to KDE or thorough a fork. You may call that
"ordering" developers around. I don't. It's not whether we use KDE, we
won't without a fork or changes. It's a discussion about the future of
KDE and the practicalities.

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 4:42 AM, Anne Wilson <cannewilson at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 10 December 2009 10:31:21 Draciron Smith wrote:
>> Seemed a might defensive too me
> Lydia stated facts, not opinions.  Where are the facts to dispute hers?  There
> aren't any.  As she said, she knows the programmers in question.
> Personally I'm sick of hearing people say what programmers should be doing.
> Anne
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