Why KDE4 is called KDE?

spir denis.spir at free.fr
Tue Dec 8 10:44:31 GMT 2009

Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com> dixit:

> >> That was the whole "KDE thing": customization and
> >> usability. KDE 4 breaks with that tradition. I know the reasons why. I
> >> even agree with most of them.  
> >
> > Could you, or someone else, point to docs on the topic?
> >  
> Could you, or someone else, point to docs specifying that Myanmar is
> an oppressive regime? Wikipediaesque [citation needed] jokes are funny
> on slashdot, thanks. In real communication they are neither insightful
> nor informative.

Seems you took it wrong while my question was just a question, and a real question.
(Don't know _why_ you took it wrong, except maybe that the whole thread is a bit hypocrite -- but this should not let you conclude that _every_ post is such).

For information, I'm a kind of "design guy" and as such *very* and *really* interested in any kind of doc exposing reasons behind design choices. For instance, I would enjoy to read _why_ kde guys used to think that ├╝ber-customization is a Good Thing -- while indeed other designers think the opposite. And I would enjoy to read why, if only, or how much, they changed their mind on this topic.


la vita e estrany

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