Where to make a feature request

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sun Aug 30 15:48:10 BST 2009

Back when Dolphin first came out and _everyone_ was cussing it I gave it 
a try [ and rather liked it ]. Anyway, when you would pass over [ 
highlight] a file or folder a list of available options appeared in the 
info pane. For directories/folders it would have an option to "Open 
Terminal Here". A couple upgrades and that disappeared but was still 
available from the right click menu. Lately that option seems to have 
disappeared completely. At least I can't seem to find it.

Now, I'm no command line wizard. I know just about enough to get myself 
in trouble most of the time. [ If I had wanted to use command line for 
everything I could have stayed with DOS. ]  I like the idea of using 
dolphin to navigate the file system to get where I want a terminal opened.

All that to ask: Where can I post this feature to be returned?

Kubuntu 9.04
KDE 4.2.2
Dolphin 1.2.1

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