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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Aug 30 13:56:14 BST 2009

Martin \(KDE\) posted on Sun, 30 Aug 2009 13:40:06 +0200 as excerpted:

> in KDE4.2 the right klich menu from the workspace had the leave button
> on the bottom most position. With 4.3 the leave entry is only second
> from bottom. Is there somewhere a configuration option for the menu
> entries? I often hit the configuration entry by accident instead of
> hitting leave.

I'm not aware of any such option, except in the source code itself, but 
that doesn't mean the option might not exist somewhere, possibly by 
directly editing a text config file somewhere.  I'm just a user (who only 
sorta kinda reads source a bit, but I'm following kdeplanet and etc and 
am a regular both on this list and the kde-linux list), so it's possible 
it's there and I've just not come across it.

> BTW: the workplace design configuration is available only by this
> context menu, but not by the system settings.

Desktop settings?  The reason it's not available in system settings, 
AFAIK, is that it's /not/ a system setting.  Note that it's possible to 
have multiple "activities", as they are called.  Switching between them 
is a bit awkward, normally accomplished by hitting the desktop "cashew", 
zooming out, using add activity (menu in the top left corner, modified by 
the location of any top-panel you may have) if you want a second one, 
then zooming in on the activity you wish to use (bottom right "toolbox" 
attached to each activity).

In zoomed out mode, clicking on the configure/wrench icon in the toolbox 
for each activity brings up the same "Desktop Settings" dialog, but once 
you have more than one and set say the background different on the second 
one, and the name, it's then obvious that each one is different.  Thus, 
it's not a system setting, but a setting of the individual activity.

Note that new to kde 4.3.0, it's now possible to use a different activity 
for each virtual desktop.  (This is set in the configure plasma dialog, 
wrench on the plasma menu when zoomed out, not in the individual activity 
toolbox.)  That may be a more comfortable metaphor for some people, than 
having two separate metaphors available to switch, the virtual desktop, 
and the activity.

The plasma menu, either from the cashew or in the menu that appears when 
zoomed out, also contains a "Shortcut Settings" entry, which leads to a 
dialog where you may set them.  By default, all plasma shortcuts are a 
two-key sequence, Alt-D,<key>, where <key> is the chosen key assigned to 
that function.  Using these shortcuts, it is possible to switch 
activities, add new ones, delete old ones, etc, without resorting to the 
cashew and zooming.  Except, at least here, it's tricky to get plasma to 
detect the key sequence and actually do the action.  Sometimes it does, 
sometimes it doesn't.  That may be related to an existing known bug with 
multi-key sequences (see kde bug 161009).  Anyway, it's supposed to work, 
but does seem rather buggy, even with default settings.

Anyway, yeah, despite the "Desktop Settings" label, it's not a kde global 
configuration but an individual activity configuration, so system 
settings (aka kcontrol) really isn't the place for it -- unless someone 
created a kcm (kcontrol module) that had a tab for each activity, 
perhaps, or something along that line.

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