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On 2009/08/28 16:34 (GMT-0400) James Richard Tyrer composed:

> Felix Miata wrote:
>> On 2009/08/28 12:32 (GMT-0400) Gracia M. Littauer composed:
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In KInfoCenter, what resolution and DPI are shown for X?
>> What is the result of 'xrdb -query | grep dpi'?

> That might not work on a new system.  I use:

> xdpyinfo |grep resolution

The OP's question arose on a KDE list, so I purposely left that out, because
that is exactly what KInfoCenter and 'kcmshell xserver' do behind the scenes.

The reason 'xrdb -query | grep dpi' might not work is because Xft.dpi is an
optional environment variable, and so if not set it will return nothing.

OTOH, 'xrdb -query | grep dpi' and 'xdpyinfo | grep resolution' will
occasionally return different results, which is one reason I asked so many
questions of the OP - it's entirely possible for more than two DPI values to
be used among various apps and the desktop itself.
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