SSL/TLS-configuration in KDE 4.3

Gunter Ohrner G.Ohrner at
Thu Aug 27 23:33:00 BST 2009


I recently updated from Debian's KDE 4.2.x to the new 4.3.0 packages.

Since then, most https-sites stopped working in Konqueror, giving me the 
error message that the SSL certificate could not be verified for 
"internal reasons". Mh.

I just had the idea to check KDE's SSL/TLS configuration to make sure 
it's correctly configured, but - where is it gone? I remember I've seen 
a related KCM module in the past, I guess that probably was in KDE 3.5?

Where and / or how can I configure SSL/TLS ciphers and methods in KDE 
4.3, I wasn't able to find the corresponding configuration page.

Even Google did not help, pointers to documentation are welcome!



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