Double-click consistency in KDE

Paul Hartman paul.hartman+gentoo at
Wed Aug 26 21:54:42 BST 2009

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 11:56 AM, Peter Lewis<lewisp at> wrote:
> I have used many versions of KDE since 1998 but there is one thing that has
> always perplexed me...
> Who decides when a double-click will have to be used to change to a folder
> when navigating file-structures, or launch an application within a folder?
> If I may come clean at the start, I regard the double-click as the spawn of
> the devil. What irritates me though is having to guess when I will have to
> double-click and when just to click once.
> Is there any way to control this? I can find none up to KDE 4.2. In "System
> Settings" -> General you can click on "Keyboard & Mouse" and its background
> turns blue! WoW! Double-click and you can get to Mouse Settings where you can
> select "Single-click to open files and folders" (single-click YuK) which I do
> have selected, but still have to double-click when negotiating Open Document
> in Okular.
> (I like dolphin, hover over to highlight, click to action.)

If you go into System Settings -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Mouse there
are settings to choose between one-click or two-click mode, and the
behavior of hover-selection etc when in one-click mode.

Obviously any individual programs may behave however they like but I
hope at least KDE4 programs will be consistent.
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