Double-click consistency in KDE

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Wed Aug 26 21:08:00 BST 2009

Peter Lewis posted on Wed, 26 Aug 2009 19:51:11 +0100 as excerpted:

> Sorry Kishore, it is the term "single-click" that I hate, I would always
> rather click once. Let us be honest, nobody ever says or writes "he
> single- blew the horn on his car". I regard "double-" prepended to click
> as being a modification of normal action which makes "single-" lexically
> redundant. The same holds true with "forward-" when appended to slash,
> totally redundant.
> I should not have inserted that aside.

LOL!  I share your opinion, at least to the oddity of saying single-
click, but I still do it, as it's easier than explaining.

But you're right that inserting the aside here was just confusing too, 
unless you explained it all as you eventually were forced to.  I couldn't 
parse it in your original message, either, tho I suspected that's what 
you meant.

>> > which I do have selected, but still have to double-click when
>> > negotiating Open Document in Okular.
>> You mean, in the open file dialog? Is that behavior unique to Okular?
>> In here, i have single click enabled and Okular opens the file when i
>> click on a pdf file in dolphin or launch okular and pick the file from
>> it's open file dialog.
> Open Okular or Kwrite then click on file->open and you should get the
> "Open file" dialogue with the contents of your home folder. If there is
> a folder or a text file there try to click on it (yes just the once!).
> On my system it does not open the folder or file, it just gives the name
> a blue background, which serves no purpose as far as I can tell.
> Certainly within dolphin a click on a folder or file will open the
> folder in dolphin or the file in its application.

Hmm... Here the open dialogs, including okular's work with (just one) 
click.  I just tried it...

Perhaps there's some odd configuration junk left around from years ago, 
or something.  Assuming you have root on the box, what happens if you 
setup a fresh user, and then start kde there?  Can you configure it to 
(one) click and have it take, including with okular, or does it too 
demonstrate the split behavior, click for dolphin, double-click for 

If the fresh user has the same split behavior, maybe it's a patch added 
by your distribution.  If it doesn't, then you know the problem is in the 
configuration of your normal user.

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