Non-alternating background colors?

Christian Janoff kdebugs at
Wed Aug 26 18:23:42 BST 2009

Matthew Woehlke wrote:

> Christian Janoff wrote:
> > How can I change the alternating background colors
> > to be *exactly the same* value in KDE 4?
> System Settings->Appearance->Colors->Colors
> For each color set except Common Colors (which doesn't have it)

Ah! That's why I didn't find it. :-)

> You could also file a feature request to turn off alternating row color 
> in lists by default.

Maybe I'll do that.

Duncan wrote:

> You don't want /any/ difference?

Exactly. These alternating colors are too much in my opinion.
They irritate me (and they're a bit too bright).

I prefer something like that


>  Most people want /some/.

Let's hope that this is true. ;-)

Anyway ... it works! Thank you, Matthew and Duncan! :-)

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