Non-alternating background colors?

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Wed Aug 26 17:34:18 BST 2009

Christian Janoff posted on Wed, 26 Aug 2009 10:34:10 +0200 as excerpted:

> How can I change the alternating background colors to be *exactly the
> same* value in KDE 4?

You don't want /any/ difference?  Most people want /some/.  But it's up 
to you, for your computer.

This is for 4.3.0, but earlier kde4 should be similar I think.  This 
should do it but I've not actually followed thru on it to double-check, 
as I'm not quite ready go give up the color scheme I have now. =:^)

1) In System Settings, select Look & Feel, Appearance, Colors.  

2) In the Color Settings applet, choose the Colors tab.

3) In the Color set: dropdown, choose View.

4) Your settings should be the Normal and Alternate Background settings 
here.  Click on the color button of the one you want to KEEP (that is, 
NOT change).

5) In the resulting Select Color dialog, toward the bottom right, you 
should see a textbox labeled HTML:  It should contain a six-digit 
hexidecimal number, prefixed with a hash (#).

6) Select that number and hit copy (Ctrl-C or right-click, copy).

7) CANCEL this Select Color dialog, because you did NOT want to change 
the color here, and canceling ensures that no color change you made 
accidentally gets applied.

8) Now click on the color button for the one you DO want to change.

9) In the resulting dialog, find, and select the HTML number for it.

10) Paste (Ctrl-V or right-click, paste) in the value you copied in #6.

11) OK out of this Color Select dialog, because this time you want to 
save the changes.

12) Back in the Color Settings applet, at the bottom left, hit Apply.

If I'm not mistaken, that should do it for the mail display you 

There are other Color sets besides view.  Window, Button, Selection, 
Tooltip.  Each of these has its own Normal and Alternate background 
settings.  If you wish to, you may modify these as well.  

Be careful, however. At the bottom of the Colors tab is a preview.  As 
you change colors make sure that the words in the preview are always 
readable against the background.  If they are not, you don't want to keep 
it.  Either modify another color so it's readable again, or hit reset 
instead of Apply, so the changes aren't kept.

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