kmail sending and password.

Richard Dawson rcdawson at
Wed Aug 26 04:12:44 BST 2009

With Mandriva 2008.1 and KDE 3.5, kmail required a password to send the first 
email message of a KMail session, but remembered that password, and didn't ask 
for it again to send more messages during the same session.  With Mandriva 
2009.1 and KMail 1.11.4, I find that during a session KMail asks for a password 
each time I send a message.  Is there somewhere that I can change this 
behavior back to the way it was handled in 3.5?

As far as receiving mail, I believe it is working as before.  It requests a 
password the first time I click check mail, but not for subsequent mail checks 
in the same session.

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