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Tue Aug 11 08:32:31 BST 2009

Anne Wilson posted on Wed, 05 Aug 2009 19:40:13 +0100 as excerpted:

> You've often heard me say that  KDE developers do give as much time as
> they can,  and that feature requests should be reported on bugzilla. 
> Well, it seems we've reached the situation where there has been a flood
> of reports, some genuine bugs, some wishes reported as bugs, and some
> straightforward feature requests reported.  That means that triage has
> got completely out of hand, so a new experiment is being tried.  Take a
> look at
> The idea is that you can submit your ideas, features requests.

> Do remember that crashes or unexpected program behaviour is still a bug,
> and must still be reported on bugzilla.

Thanks, Anne, and all the KDE folks behind this.  I see numbers of 
comments about it on PlanetKDE already, always a very good sign. =:^)

>From my experience of many years helping out on the pan (gtk+ news 
client) lists, having some vetting and user discussion of such feature 
requests before they get filed as bugs can be VERY useful, tending to 
filter out the worst off-the-wall stuff, and give a glimpse of not only 
how many users would find a feature useful, but often, hashing out UI 
details toward making it even more useful, before a single line of code 
is ever written.  Given that actual coding devs and their time is a 
rather limited resource, this can be very useful indeed, so I'm very 
optimistic on this idea. =:^)

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