Cannot use Deadkeys under KDE4 applications

Gerrit z0idberg at
Sat Apr 18 09:59:36 BST 2009


I’m using the German keyboard layout “Dead Grave acute‌‌”. Sadly, I cannot 
type any Deadkeys in any KDE4 application. If I want to type â, I just get ^a.
If I want to use a compose key, this doesn’t work either.

If I type in Firefox or a KDE 3.5 application, this works fine. 

Weirdly, I also made my own keyboard layout, but I cannot access it via the 
keyboard selection tools from KDE. I manually have to select it via “setxkbmap 
-layout de -variant erweitert” from the console.

Does anyone know how to fix it? Using dead keys is pretty important for typing 
languages such as French or even German.

Thank you,
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