KDE printing disasters

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Sep 28 22:20:33 BST 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
> Is there anywhere apart from the configure print job dialogue to set 
> default settings? I'm using a printer capable of duplex and n-up 
> printing, but I'm having huge problems. It seems to insist that I am 
> printing onto rolodex cards, no matter what I tell it about using A4. It 
> prints one A4's-worth onto a tiny space on the page, dries the ink, then 
> turns out 5 empty sides before printing another tiny image.
> Are default settings configurable?

Did you read the documentation?  Is there any documentation?  ARGH!

IAC, the Properties dialog box does not have a save button.  So, I don't 
know if it always saves values which you enter or never saves them.  I 
consider that a bug that should be reported.

I presume that you have opened the "Properties" dialog and selected your 
paper size and despite this, it prints using some smaller size.

It also would make some difference what application you are using.

With additional information, I will try it although I don't have any A4 
paper  US letter is close enough.

> Is this a version problem or a distro problem?

It could be a distro problem since KDE depends  on CUPS/FooMatic for the 
actual printing.  I would suspect that it is the actual printing system 
that is at fault.

> Can we look forward to seeing brochure printing again?

I presume that what you want is 2 up duplex that orders the pages 
correctly (landscape: 4,1,2,3) so that you have a brochure when you fold 
the page in half.

Don't know, put in a feature request.

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