[OT]Re: how to edit id3 tags in KDE?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Sep 27 20:17:38 BST 2008

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> [snip] JPEG2000 is noticeably better because it will 
>> do lossless compression and doesn't have the block artifacts, yet the 
>> market has standardized on the old and obsolete standard causing real 
>> problems with digital cameras.
> Not for *me* it doesn't :-D. I shot maybe a dozen pictures before 
> turning on lossless-compressed raw (which I realize now was a mistake, 
> turning on raw should have been the very first thing I did). Forget the 
> compression format, anyone not shooting raw is likely already losing 
> almost half the image quality to the camera's built-in tone mapping.

What you describe is the problem.  The lack of a standard lossless 
compressed format forces you to shoot RAW which contains a lot of 
information that you don't need for most uses, has to be processed by 
special software and is NOT a standard format on most cameras.  Some of 
these issues are addressed by cameras that use Adobe DNC, but for most 
people, what they really need is a standard lossless compression format.

> (Actually, I suppose if I fiddled with it, I could get better jpg's, but 
> why bother when rawstudio can produce so much better results by throwing 
> a general-purpose CPU at the problem?)
No, there is no way for the camera to produce lossless JPEGs because 
that is a separate format that isn't widely used.  With JPEG2000, all 
you need to do is select integer and 100% and you get lossless.  And, as 
I previously said, since JPEG2000 doesn't have the artifacts, you get 
better looking images for a given file size.

So, to obtain good quality photos, you have to shoot RAW even though you 
don't really need RAW, you just need a lossless compressed format. 
Compressed RAW does help to some extent; however even compressed RAW 
files are huge.  Some cameras offer TIFF, but this is worse since they 
pad the file to 16 bits per (color per) pixel.  I do not know of a 
camera that will save 8 bits per (color per) pixel with lossless 

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