[OT]Re: how to edit id3 tags in KDE?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Sep 26 03:32:05 BST 2008

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>>> Is there any kio/whatever plugin to allow editing id3v2 in the library 
>>> "properties" dialog? Or any KDE tool for mass audio metadata editing?
>>> (And yeah, I know, mp3 == evil; 
>> Actually, it is obsolete.  Didn't the patent run out making it no longer 
>> evil?
> Given the number of devices that support it, I'm not sure about 
> "obsolete". 

It is an interesting question.  But it is true that MPEG-1 (not a typing 
error it is version ONE of MPEG) has been replaced with MPEG-2 that used 
AAC.  We are now up to MPEG-4 which still uses AAC.  The iPod and iPhone 
use AAC files from iTuens although it is possible to use MP3 files with 

AAC is much better for a given file size which would appear to be a 
large advantage in portable players.  Although the falling price of 
storage is going to make lossy audio compression obsolete.

The standardization on old and obsolete formats is an issue that is not 
limited to music and seems to be a major failure of the market.  It is 
the same with images.  JPEG is also obsolete but it remains the de facto 
standard for images despite the fact that the Joint Photo Experts Group 
has come out with a new standard to replace it -- JPEG2000 which came 
out in 2000 (obviously).  JPEG2000 is noticeably better because it will 
do lossless compression and doesn't have the block artifacts, yet the 
market has standardized on the old and obsolete standard causing real 
problems with digital cameras.

> *Did* they all run out? 

The main patent expired in 2007.  They filed additional patents that 
haven't expired yet.  As with all such 'add-on' patents, there is a 
question of whether they are valid.


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