how to edit id3 tags in KDE?

Jusa Ojanperä jusa.ojanpera at
Thu Sep 25 18:02:00 BST 2008

Matthew Woehlke kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika torstai 25 syyskuu 2008):
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> > Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> >> Is there any kio/whatever plugin to allow editing id3v2 in the library
> >> "properties" dialog? Or any KDE tool for mass audio metadata editing?
> >>
> >> (And yeah, I know, mp3 == evil;
> >
> > Actually, it is obsolete.  Didn't the patent run out making it no longer
> > evil?
> Given the number of devices that support it, I'm not sure about
> "obsolete". (Especially not when my only current alternative is WMA,
> which I refuse to touch.)
> *Did* they all run out? I thought I read something, somewhere, that
> there is a string of patents, some of which were filed more recently.
> Besides, the patents are only expired if they all predate (IIRC) 1991.
> >> *please let me know!!* :-D, as that's more or less
> >> the only reason I need mp3's.)
> >
> > I use Amarok.  Will it do what you need.
> Good question. So far I haven't been able to get it to actually put
> anything in the colection (note: I'm using amarok2 as I have no KDE3).
> It also has the annoyance of apparently not remembering how I want files
> to be named :-(, so that every time I try to do 'add to collection' I
> have to fiddle with the naming again. (Plus, will it rename the files on
> metadata change? How would it know to do so, when it can't remember my
> requested naming scheme?)
> --
> Matthew
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Have you tried kid3 (, I use it to tag my 

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