Lightweight Basket replacement

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Sep 5 18:19:24 BST 2008

Stephen Dowdy wrote:
> There's also KDE 'kjots' and Gtk2 'gjots2'
> ( which should be lower resource
> use than 'baskets' or maybe even 'zim'.  (kjots is, as i can tell, pretty
> much textual-content only, no font/style attributing) (which might be
> fine for your needs?)

Ah... kjots has had styling for some time. (It got a bit better 
recently, though I think I've only ever run trunk, so I'm not sure what 
it looks like in 4.1. IIRC though it's mainly the links that actually 
work now, the styling has been there in really a usable form for quite 
some time.)

I thought about mentioning it, as IMO it's a great application for, er, 
"jotting notes" (MUCH better for keeping TODO lists and other assorted 
junk than a flat file), but it's only two-levels of hierarchy (books and 

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