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Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Fri Sep 5 17:43:43 BST 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote, On 09/05/2008 08:20 AM:
> I made the mistake of switching from Knowit to Basket about a year
> ago. Basket is not only frustrating to use, but it also is very
> resource intensive. What lightweight hierarchical note managers are
> recommended to use in KDE? I am still on KDE 3.5.x but I am
> considering a move to KDE 4 in the near future, so software for either
> desktop would interest me.


I ran across 'basket' not too long ago and find it to be a rather
intriguing tool.  My main frustrations with it are that it's not easy
to share your baskets from home/work (i.e. the baskets are in binary
format, so you can't just see what you've loaded in them from a command
line/non-GUI environment), and that it's not exactly right for my needs as
a merged Todo/Done/Worklog tool.  (I like the Gadget add so you can put
the Todo checkbox on a line, but i'd like there to be N gadgets you can
add per element, as i'd like to have a Time spent gadget along with the
Checkoff box.  Also, it's not easy to get a view of a hierarchy in one
page (like on HTML export, each hierarchy element is a different html
page/view, so printing out the hierarchy even from HTML pages is not

basket is being reworked for 2.0 (
which adds Printing (whew!), new usability interface, etc.  Some of the
question marks in that list lead me to believe that 2.0 may be FAR off,
however :-(

That all said... I haven't been happy with any of the e-diary,
notebook, time-management tools i've run across.  Things like
'karm' don't allow you to easily organize project time by
Day or week, just by project.  'hnb', while curses based (plus),
is really hard to navigate and a little "wierd".  Many of the other
"featured" notebook apps tend to be heavyweight as well (http server +
php (yuk))

I think 'zim' ( "The Desktop Wiki" might fit your
needs, though it's technically not a KDE app (Gdk-perl).  It was a
little "unstable" for me on Debian Etch, but i see that the main
site is at 0.25 and Etch's package is version 0.17.  (i'll have to
take a look at this again)

Arguments against 'zim' would include your concern about resource
consumption.  If you're all KDE, then adding a gnome app (and Perl)
will add more libs into your memory use.

There's also KDE 'kjots' and Gtk2 'gjots2'
( which should be lower resource
use than 'baskets' or maybe even 'zim'.  (kjots is, as i can tell, pretty
much textual-content only, no font/style attributing) (which might be
fine for your needs?)

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