Detailed howto for KDE4 desktop?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Oct 31 17:43:05 GMT 2008

D. R. Evans wrote:
> 2008/10/31 Matthew Woehlke

I wish your headers didn't feed spammers. (I also wonder why there is 
not even " wrote:" or similar in them.)

>> D. R. Evans wrote:
>>> 1. How do I change the colour of the panel?
>> You have to use a different theme. Some (Aya, maybe Heron) use the
>> system color scheme; most don't.
> That seems like the proverbial elephant-gun to swat a fly :-(
> I just want to change the background colour of the panel; I don't think I
> want to change anything else (at least, not yet). Is there any advice
> anywhere about editing a theme?

In theory, download a theme you otherwise like (you can use a built-in 
one but downloading one will make it easier to find the files to edit) 
and point inkscape at the relevant .svg in 

In practice I tried making my own theme and something went horribly 
wrong with the svg scaling when I did :-). Hopefully this won't happen 
to you, though.

>>> 2. How do I move a desktop widget? (Everything I do seems to resize it;
>>> it's infuriatingly non-obvious how to move them.)
>> What KDE version? For me, it's as easy as just dragging the widget (for
>> some, you may need to grab near the edges). I'm running trunk, however.
>> If you're running 4.0.x... upgrade immediately ;-).
> 4.1.2 (64-bit; installed Kubuntu yesterday).
> And OH! MAN! ... dragging the edge of the widget did it. I assumed that
> there was some magic key combination associated with the little box thing
> that resizes the widget. Dragging the edge wasn't remotely obvious (I've
> never, ever encountered that paradigm before).

Um... you've never used a graphical file manager? Or the old-school desktop?

I suppose I can understand your confusion, it's just that it never would 
have occurred to me to expect to have to do anything special, as opposed 
to 'just drag it'. Interesting how different people think of different 
things to try first :-).

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