K3b & burning live CD

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 25 12:04:05 BST 2008

On Sunday 19 October 2008 13:06:27 Allen Meyers wrote:
> I need some help here & please put aside for a moment any generalities and
> be detailed and specific. Treat me like a dumb blond (no offense intended
> against blonds) The correct gparted I intend to burn is downloaded on desk
> top and no matter what I do on this Kreator screen that comes up the arrow
> bottom screen next to cancel remains grayed (inaccessible) What might help
> in determining my specific problem is that area left of the speed slot
> continues to say please insert an empty CD Like my drive is not being
> recognized
Hi, Allen.  This sort of problem can be like wrestling a greased pig :-)  The 
distro you use may not be recognising the drive correctly, though I would not 
put that as the most likely.  There could be a bug in the k3b version you have 
- though I would expect hundreds of people to be screaming if that were so.  
So, going by my experience, the first thing I'd be looking at is the discs 
themselved.  On this laptop, for instance, I see exactly that if I try to burn 
onto DVD-RW discs, even if they are previously unused.

The first thing to try, then, is a different disk - maybe a different format - 
-R or +R - and maybe a different brand of disk.  Certainly that can make a 
difference.  Some brands are very reliable, others vary a bit in quality.  If 
that still doesn't sort the problem, send me a screenshot and I'll see if 
there are any clues there.

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