Fwd: KDE 4.1.2 lost system tray icons

Peter Lewis lewisp at avex.co.uk
Fri Oct 24 11:23:24 BST 2008

I have resolved this problem.
I found that I was a few packages short of a full 4.1.2!
Once they were loaded I had the full desktop.

Moral of the story, check that you have a full install before posting.

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Subject: [kde] KDE 4.1.2 lost system tray icons
Date: Friday 24 October 2008
From: Peter Lewis <lewisp at avex.co.uk>
To: kde at mail.kde.org

I am running opensuse 11.0 and I have just upgraded to KDE 4.1.2 from KDE 
On restarting my session (and later a full computer restart) the system tray 
area is visible, and grows as the system starts up, but no icons are visible 
and there is no mouse response.
This renders klipper as useless and reduces amaroke to a regular application.

Can anyone help me please.

Best Regards
Peter Lewis

Best Regards
Peter Lewis

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