Deacitvate Wallpaper download via KHotNewStuff

Roland Wolters roland.wolters at
Mon Oct 20 16:45:37 BST 2008

Hi list,

I do wonder if there is an option to deactivate the KHotNewStuff wallpaper 
download in the background configuration dialog of kdesktop.

Of course it is possible to deactivate other features like the diashow or the 
animated wallpapers - but I haven't found anything about the KGetHotNewStuff 
I am aware that I can set the KHNS url to something like localhost, but that 
produces an error message. Actually that is the current problem: we have a 
network with no internet connection at all, only a local network is available 
- and users clicking on the button are faced with an error message.

Is ther a configuration option to deactivate KHNS, or a way to realize that via 


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