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Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Thu Oct 9 20:58:58 BST 2008

On 2008/10/09 19:50 (GMT+0100) Paul Worrall composed:

> On Thursday 09 Oct 2008, Felix Miata wrote:

>> On 2008/10/09 18:50 (GMT+0200) Kevin Krammer composed:

>> > On Thursday 09 October 2008, Felix Miata wrote:

>> >> I have some .dmg files made with Mac OS X that I need burned to CD, but
>> >> don't have a Mac with a burner. In my 3.5.5 K3B I don't see anything
>> >> anywhere in its menus about burning a .dmg to CD or DVD. Is this
>> >> possible in any later K3B version, or some other Linux app?

>> > Isn't a dmg file just a normal data file from the point of view of the
>> > burning application?

>> AFAIK, it means disk image. It's how Firefox gets downloaded to a Mac. The
>> .dmg gets mounted, then you drag the FF folder from the mounted volume to
>> the applications folder to "install" it, after which you "trash" the
>> mounted volume and the downloaded .dmg to regain the space and clear the
>> download target. AIUI, when a .dmg file is created from a bootable CD, the
>> Mac disk utility can write it back to a CD to remain as bootable as the
>> original. I tried renaming the .dmg to .iso, but K3B doesn't recognize the
>> format when it tries to prepare to burn.

>> > I.e. just create a data CD or DVD with that file on it?

>> I would have no hope that such a CD would be bootable without finding or
>> being given evidence to the contrary.

> Have you tried the suggestions in <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.dmg> ?

Google hadn't found me that. :-p

It says there:

"There is also an option of a simple free command line utility called dmg2iso
which can be used to convert the dmg file to an iso if none of the above
tools are able to open it. In Linux, the file can be burned to cd/dvd using
the program cdrecord or directly mounted to a mountpoint (e.g. mount -o
loop,ro -t hfsplus imagefile.dmg /mnt/mountpoint)."

I tried the dmg2iso perl script from the referenced site, but K3B thinks the
supposed iso result file is not an iso.

Since cdrecord has been replaced by wodim, I looked in the wodim man page,
but found no example of how to burn the mounted image file, and don't
understand the complex man page enough to figure out how to do it.

Would the mounted image file be a K3B "Data CD Project"?
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