kde4 makes PC slowlier ???

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at decoulon.ch
Mon Oct 6 20:50:59 BST 2008

On Monday 06 October 2008, Goodhorse wrote:
> One of the user in our community once told me the same thing.  He did not
> turn on any animation or desktop effect, and used the same resolution as in
> KDE3. He found that KDE4 was *actually* slower than KDE3.
> For me it is also a true statement.  Especially in an old system which KDE3
> could run smoothly, KDE4 would be a lot slower.  It's luck that my boss
> agreed to let me change my daily work PC to a dual core Intel and with 1GB
> memory, and now the speed of KDE4 is OK to me, although animation is still
> not very smooth.  I'm just wondering why KDE4 is slower than KDE3.  I guess
> that KDE4 may need more effort to fine tune its performance, since it
> changed a lot due to changing the whole framework.
> Anyway, I'm in love with KDE 4.1, and I appreciate the developers a lot.
> Franklin

I did not make any comment as to the speed of KDE 4, as I don't use it myself. 
I too am in love with KDE, as far as version 4 is concerned I'll decide once 
it's ready for use.

My point was just that I don't know why users know so little about how a 
computer works to expect that installing a new version, plus turning on all 
the gizmos that heavily use memory and 3D graphical systems and be surprised 
that an older system gets slower - it's just what everyone should expect.

The question why 4 is slower than 3 on a system that should run it smoothly 
should be answered by a developper. OS X 10.5 is not faster on every system, 
nor is Vista. People tend to believe that a new version is (always) better 
than the previous one, they are wrong. KDE 3 has been tuned and bettered for 
years, KDE 4 is new and still work in progress. So we come back to the 
problem that a beta version is branded 4.1.2...  If it was "beta", the answer 
would be  to wait for the official release, but as 4.1.2 *is* an official 

And all this said, I too appreciate the work of the developpers. Probably in a 
few months (years?) everyone will praise KDE 4. Just wait.


“Microsoft isn't evil,
they just make really crappy operating systems.” Linus Torvald

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