KRecipes on OpenSUSE 11.0

Martin (KDE) kde at
Sat Oct 4 19:28:57 BST 2008

Am Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008 schrieb Anne Wilson:
> I want to install krecipes, but there doesn't appear to be a
> package for OpenSUSE.  I've downloaded the tarball from the project
> pages, but am having some diificulty in ./configure.  It tells me
> that it can't find >= Qt 3.1 (20021021) and < 4.0. It seems I have
> qt3-3.3.8b-42.1 in /usr/lib/qt3.
> I presume that I now have to tell config where to find qt3 - but
> what do I need to edit?

simple question: do you have the qt3 devel stuff installed? And is 
QTDIR set to the right directory?

> Thanks
> Anne

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