Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 4 11:42:29 BST 2008

On Saturday 04 October 2008 10:33:20 Allen Meyers wrote:
> I am not aware of ever creating a specific password for kdewallet however
> if it was generated somehow I would like to know how to access it so I know
> what it is and change it or possibly disable it all together.I tried my log
> on password but obviously that is not the one. A member of list said there
> is a desktop item KWalletManager that is usually put in the applications
> manager under System->Desktop Applet. You can root around in that.
> Well for the experienced user this would probably be enough, but to a
> challenged newbie it would help to know more specifics of how to find it.
> Alt+f2+KWalletManager gave me nothing. Searching system revealed nada as
> well, but the annoying popup keeps appearing at initial kubuntu desktop.
> Please advise option(s) that a challenged newbie and 76 yr old (with
> comprehension problems) can follow.
> I appreciate any and all that adds to my Linux learning curve. Thanks
> Allen Meyers

You haven't told us which distro you are using, and whether it is KDE 3 or KDE 
4, but here goes.

KDE 3 - open the KDE Control Centre (kcontrol) and type kwalletmanager in the 
search box.

KDE 4 - System Settings > Advanced > KDE Wallet

However, I've used the wallet for years, and don't see how it is possible to 
be asked for a non-existent password.  Have you tried Enter for the password?  
That's the nearest guess I can make.

Probably your best bet is to delete the old wallet start a new one and 
deliberately set your password.  It's my guess that you simply made a mistake 
under the pressure of learning something new, and that you won't see the 
problem again.

Hope that helps

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