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Sun Mar 30 12:35:57 BST 2008

On Sunday 30 March 2008, Pol wrote:
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> Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > The problem with a full session, e.g. the one started by startkde is,
> > that it includes certain services, e.g. window manager, session manager,
> > which require to be the only one of their kind per DISPLAY.
> Yes that is the problem. Any possibility for users not owning that $DISPLAY
> to automatically save and restore their konqueror sessions?  (I am
> considering a script:  1) login; 2) start konqueror using the last saved
> session 3) save the current konqueror session on exit)

Hmm, sorry, no idea. Maybe through DCOP.

> > Since your usecase is two users on the same machines, I'd recommend going
> > for a nested XServer approach. This is very common among desktop
> > developers, e.g. running a development KDE 4 session inside a KDE3
> > session
> That appears to be a too heavy solution, since more window managers should
> be started on the same machine. I am wrong?

You can run a full session there, or only the parts you need, where the window 
manager is usually one of these parts. Works very well and if you are running 
the sam version of the software, all code is being shared so there isn't much 


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