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Sun Mar 30 11:56:08 BST 2008

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Kevin Krammer wrote:
> The problem with a full session, e.g. the one started by startkde is, that
> it includes certain services, e.g. window manager, session manager, which
> require to be the only one of their kind per DISPLAY.

Yes that is the problem. Any possibility for users not owning that $DISPLAY 
to automatically save and restore their konqueror sessions?  (I am
considering a script:  1) login; 2) start konqueror using the last saved
session 3) save the current konqueror session on exit)

> Since your usecase is two users on the same machines, I'd recommend going
> for a nested XServer approach. This is very common among desktop
> developers, e.g. running a development KDE 4 session inside a KDE3 session

That appears to be a too heavy solution, since more window managers should
be started on the same machine. I am wrong?

Thank you

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