Changing text direction from LTR to RTL

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Mar 7 10:25:10 GMT 2008

On 07/03/2008, Alejandro Exojo <suy at> wrote:
> El Jueves, 6 de Marzo de 2008, Dotan Cohen escribió:
> > How does one change the direction of text in KDE applications from LTR
>  > to RTL and back? Mozilla apps change direction with Ctrl-Shift-X, but
>  > this does not work for me in Kate and other KDE applications.
> Do you mean changing the text direction of written text, the user interface,
>  etc., or changing the input of new text from a LTR to a RTL language?
>  I only know about the second case: add the languages in control center, and
>  change between them with the shortcut (by default is ctrl+alt+k).

Thank you Alex. I do have my native language added in Kcontrol, and I
switch between them regularly. Also, the interface of KDE is
Right-to-Left, as that is the norm for my language.

However, I need text fields to be right-aligned as well. In Mozilla
applications, independent of the language that I am typing in, I can
press Ctrl-Shift-X and the text will right-align. I need this
functionality in KDE applications as well for when I type in my
Right-to-Left language.


Dotan Cohen

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