Installing kde from scratch

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Mar 6 21:41:38 GMT 2008

On 30/01/2008, John <john_82 at> wrote:
> I haven't looked to see if it's possible but I wondered if one of the bootable
>  cd/dvds could be used to install source to a hard drive. I suspect that
>  knopix might be the best bet.
>  My basic idea was to install dual boot, a kernel,shell etc and so on up to
>  KDE. Once I have that other things aren't a problem. I find that the suse
>  distro for instance often doesn't have what I want on it. For me the best
>  source repository is google etc -> sourceforge or the authors web page. The
>  problem for me is that I would need some concise help about options and
>  installation - not the usual verbose stuff that's about which is why I asked
>  about web links.
>  It's a pity KDE doesn't do it's own un supported distro. That would be
>  wonderful. Just KDE's normal apps and nothing else except maybe cups. 2 such
>  installations on a machine would leave something to go back to if things got
>  messed up or the latest KDE proved unsuitable for a while until its sorted
>  out. Developers might find it useful as a test bench standard too. It could
>  even make upwards migration easier. If any one is tempted I would hope they
>  would also add the facilities for dual booting an existing windoze partitions
>  though. Unfortunately I have to use it from time to time and have a feeling
>  from the specs that a vm will cripple my cpu.

I'm a little late, but you should look into the KDE version of
Foresight. Foresight was originally intended to show off the latest
greatest GNOME of the week. So it's pretty vanilla, with almost
everything installed as it left sourceforge. I should only imagine
that the KDE version will be of a similar nature.

Dotan Cohen

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