KDE 4 review

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Jun 30 04:18:19 BST 2008

ziklag wrote:
> I wrote a long nasty letter about how bad KDE4 was, but then it got back
> at me by deleting my letter.   

Don't write a nasty letter!  But there is nothing wrong with offering 
constructive criticism.  However,  I hope that the developers already 
know what features are missing.  There is a new Wiki page that you might 
look at:


> What was that?  Yet ANOTHER KDE bug?

More like an unstable application.

> How could that be?   KDE4 is ALPHA quality at best.   FC9?  Who's running
> the insane asylum?   So many bugs, so few excuses....
There are no excuses for bugs.  However, the simple truth is that KDE 4 
was late and Plasma was very late.  And they released it anyway (I say 
they because opinion was divided and I was on the wait a while side)

I presume that you have used other software and know that this happens.

It is hard to be patient, but I figure that we will get it finished 
eventually.  I know it is hard to be patient but adjust the version 
numbers and you will be OK.  4.1 will be released and consider it to be 
the public Beta (might be lots better) and if you find problems, please 
report them as bugs rather than just complaining.  Till 4.1 is released, 
all I can tell you honestly is to wait.  If you want to play with the 
new KDE4, I suggest that you install the SVN trunk.

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