Scripting the mouse acceleration setting

g geleem at
Sun Jun 29 20:55:21 BST 2008

Yannick Gingras wrote:
> Is there a way to automate that?

depends on how automate you want it.

> I could write a script that changes
> the value in ~/.kde/share/config/kcminputrc but how would I tell KDE
> to reload its config?

you are in area.

write script files to make changes, change attribs.

or have scripts to change file, which may be easier.

if you know what settings need to be changed, build group of files
by coping 'kcminputrc' to new file with extensions or prefixes or
what ever you want to name them.

go thru files, make changes to reflect what you want and save them
in config directory.

or, use control center to make changes and save files to what ever
names you want.

after you build files, write up script files to do a copy, ie,
'cp -f ~/.kde/share/config/usb.mouse ~/.kde/share/config/kcminputrc'
give script what ever name you wish. change attribs.

right click kmenu icon, select menu editor, select 'new submenu',
give it a name, highlight it, select new item, build your scripts,

there after, click kmenu, select what you want from there. if you
have 'quick launch' on tool bar, right click a present icon,
select 'add application'.

that should do you.

i just read back thru this, and i believe it is about right.




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