OK, I found my (Kmail) LOST email

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 00:14:52 BST 2008


> > 1. Preupgrade didn't work.
> > 2. DVD installed did work but took hours and hours.
> > 3. Oops, no video for you Nvidia users.  That's a good way
> > to alienate your users.
> I hear this should be fixed when the next x.org version hits updates.
> I'd strongly recommend asking on #fedora on freenode about it. I
> lucked out in that I heard about it in advance, so I'm holding off my
> move from F8 until someone has told me that's fixed.

I'm running F9 with nvidia packages from livna and 3D acceleration is 
working fine.

> Do you know that kdm is being used? Even though I've done my best to
> avoid anything gnome on this machine, I still have gdm; that seems to
> be "what fedora uses".

gdm is run by default even if you select KDE as the only desktop 
environment to install. However, this can be easily changed.
Create a file named /etc/sysconfig/desktop and put in it the following 

and you'll get kdm as login manager the next time X is started.

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