OK, I found my (Kmail) LOST email

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 17 00:05:32 BST 2008

ziklag wrote:
> I guess that I'm having trouble saying anything nice about Linux
> lately.  It seems like each rev. gets worse.  I just "upgraded" (sic)
> to FC9.  What a kludge!  Now here's an ALPHA quality product:

Fedora is known for being a more bleeding edge and geek-oriented distro. 
Maybe you'd have better luck with one of the Ubuntu flavors?

(Btw, it hasn't been "Core" since FC6; there is no such thing as "FC9".)

> 1. Preupgrade didn't work.
> 2. DVD installed did work but took hours and hours.
> 3. Oops, no video for you Nvidia users.  That's a good way
> to alienate your users.

I hear this should be fixed when the next x.org version hits updates. 
I'd strongly recommend asking on #fedora on freenode about it. I lucked 
out in that I heard about it in advance, so I'm holding off my move from 
F8 until someone has told me that's fixed.

> 4. Oh, we've moved to KDE4.

F9 has taken the stance on a few things (Firefox being the other major 
one that I know of) of taking the latest semi-stable version so that 
updates will be able to carry the new versions, rather than being stuck 
with the "old technology" until F10. KDE 4.0.x really isn't "usable" in 
a lot of ways; 4.1 is much better. I assume/trust the decision to put 
KDE4 in F9 means that as soon as 4.1 is released it will be on F9 
updates (which should be "soon", btw, i.e. "circa August or earlier").

> OK. KDE 4.
> 0. The new login screen is ugly confusing mess.

Do you know that kdm is being used? Even though I've done my best to 
avoid anything gnome on this machine, I still have gdm; that seems to be 
"what fedora uses".

> 1. startkde script is broken.  I found out a work-around on
> the web. The poster of the work-around said "it's not a bug;
> you've got your system misconfigured."  I'm sorry, but if
> it's broken out of the box, then it's a bug!

...but a bug in Fedora.

> 2.  What happened to my taskbar?  The new thing is ugly and
> practically useless.

Once KDE 4.1 hits fedora upgrades (which should be pretty soon) plasma 
will be much better. (It works fine for me, but then I'm running 
yesterday's trunk.)

> 3. The kicker replacement is horrible:
>         0. My old kde 3.x settings all disappeared.

Well... yeah. plasma != kicker. KDE3 != KDE4. Any settings carryover is 
icing, but shouldn't be expected.

>         1. It's is ugly.
>         2. It's black (I guess bad guys like black, huh?)

Have you tried a different theme?

>         3. I cannot figure out how to move the icons on it.

This, alas, seems to be on the TODO list yet.

>         4. Several icons overlap eachother.

I remember this; seems to be fixed for some time, i.e. should work in 4.1.

> 4. My window tabs are suddenly at the bottom of the windows
> (lost settings).

KDE3 != KDE4.

In the beginning, there were not enough colors. -- Guy Keren

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