KDE 4 review

Rick Miles frmrick at aapt.net.au
Sun Jun 15 20:15:58 BST 2008

On Sun, 15 Jun 2008 09:35:45 pm ziklag wrote:

> "You are KDE".   If your interactions are the demonstration of this, then
> you have all proven my point.   Datan, Anne, etc. have proven themselves to
> be unable to provide assistance.  Rather they quickly condescend to name
> calling.   Even the Microsoft support techs don't do that.
> It looks like the arrogant and blind, leading the evenmore arrogant
> and more blind. The Linux/KDE Emperor has no clothes, but no one can
> see it.  Quod erat demonstratum.
No one is KDE. And you seem to have missed a few basics on asking questions on 
lists. and fail to understand that people on this list have a common interest in 
KDE, not abusive behaviour.

If you want a rock solid KDE experience than choose a distro noted for placing a 
priority on stability, not bleeding edge. May I suggest someting like Slackware? 
Slackware has a very helpful and courteous help list at linuxquestions,org. 
However.folks on that list wouldn't tolerate such behaviour either.

If your just after eye candy and paid support techs who get paid to take
abuse from folks like you, go install Vista.

The door works both ways if you don't like the party. I never could figure out 
people who complain about the food but keep on shoveling it into their mouth just 
because its free.


Rick Miles

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