KDE 4 review

John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jun 15 00:24:46 BST 2008

On Saturday 14 June 2008 23:47:14 Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2008/06/14 18:11 (GMT-0400) ziklag apparently typed:
> > I guess that it is time to switch OSes if Redhat is going to be
> > misleading and preset  OS release notes which seem to imply
> > that all's well and not significantly different from other "releases".
> If that's what you think you've really missed the boat on what Fedora
> actually is. Fedora is not equivalent to what RedHat was or is. This was
> well explained even before Fedora 1 was released 4.5+ years ago.
> > SUSE is out of the question because Novell went to the dark side.
> Feel free to think that. If you're compelled to retain that silly opinion,
> I suggest Mandriva. Like Fedora & SUSE, it's non-Debian. Like SUSE,
> Mandriva's mission leans away from bleeding edge and toward stability
> without being antiquated. Its latest release in April has KDE3, yet offers
> a KDE4 option, besides Gnome and a few others
> > I heard that Ubuntu was OK "out of the box", but hard to maintain.
> Kubuntu is a Debian apparently designed in large part to convert windoz
> users, but with KDE instead of Gnome. Like any distro, *buntu has its
> strengths and drawbacks. Maintaining isn't particularly different with
> Debians, other than offering bulletproof package management. If you like
> having all services dumped on top of each other in runlevel 2 and don't
> care if your virtual consoles might not work right (or at all), give it a
> try.
There is kbunt what ever available running kde4 in a virtual file system that 
can be installed on windoze maybe linux too. It only took me about 1/2 hour 
to find that it's flakey. If you want a stable kde and the things people 
usually want out of the box I would suggest you try madreva 2008.1. Suse 11.0 
is out shortly and will include stable kde, gnome (might not be stable - I 
had some really weird dependencies trying to install a new gnome app.) also 
kde4 with the latest fixes and extensions. Seems 11.1 wont be long after 11. 
Suse is no longer a stable linux - I know I'm trying to run suse 10.3 86_64 
and mail + web is ok. Stray much further and things aren't so good. I've been 
using suse 10.1 since it came out. Think novell's main interest is updating 
sled and following ubuntu shouting me to, me to. Debian stable looks ok but 
the kernel is getting on a bit. Loads of software available for it though.

Somehow I think the inclusion of kde4 in a number of disto's is going to spoil 
it's excellent reputation. None of them are coming clean as to exactly where 
it currently is. Suse even offers gnome as the 1st install option, KDE4 and 
then the stable version of KDE at the bottom with out a sensible statement 
about it's current state. Things change rapidly though so who know it may be 
ok and complete.

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