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On 2008/06/14 18:11 (GMT-0400) ziklag apparently typed:

> I guess that it is time to switch OSes if Redhat is going to be 
> misleading and preset  OS release notes which seem to imply
> that all's well and not significantly different from other "releases".

If that's what you think you've really missed the boat on what Fedora
actually is. Fedora is not equivalent to what RedHat was or is. This was well
explained even before Fedora 1 was released 4.5+ years ago.

> SUSE is out of the question because Novell went to the dark side.

Feel free to think that. If you're compelled to retain that silly opinion, I
suggest Mandriva. Like Fedora & SUSE, it's non-Debian. Like SUSE, Mandriva's
mission leans away from bleeding edge and toward stability without being
antiquated. Its latest release in April has KDE3, yet offers a KDE4 option,
besides Gnome and a few others

> I heard that Ubuntu was OK "out of the box", but hard to maintain.

Kubuntu is a Debian apparently designed in large part to convert windoz
users, but with KDE instead of Gnome. Like any distro, *buntu has its
strengths and drawbacks. Maintaining isn't particularly different with
Debians, other than offering bulletproof package management. If you like
having all services dumped on top of each other in runlevel 2 and don't care
if your virtual consoles might not work right (or at all), give it a try.
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