KDE 4 review

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 17:27:03 BST 2008

2008/6/14 ziklag <ziklag at inbox.com>:
> I wrote a long nasty letter about how bad KDE4 was, but then it got back
> at me by deleting my letter.   What was that?  Yet ANOTHER KDE bug?

What did you do just before you noticed that the letter was deleted?
In what program did you write the letter? Kmail?

> How could that be?   KDE4 is ALPHA quality at best.   FC9?  Who's running
> the insane asylum?   So many bugs, so few excuses....

KDE 4.0 is not feature complete, and was never intended to be. KDE has
no influence over the Fedora team, and they can choose to use whatever
software they please. I suggest that you write to the Fedora mailing
list concerning your feelings regarding their decision. Note that
Fedora is a bleeding edge distro, so their choice of KDE 4 over 3 is
logical. You may prefer a less bleeding edge distro such as Ubuntu or

> I'm off to try to track down that temp file that contained my original post.
> Maybe I'll find it after work today and will ATTEMPT to post it again.

If it contains constructive criticism it will be welcome. If it is
only complaints then it is best left unposted.

> Linux really seems to be for L(users) if FC9/KDE4 is the latest and greatest.

Then please go play with the (Win)ners.

Dotan Cohen


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