Bug in kmail

John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jun 2 20:25:00 BST 2008

I've reported this. Bug number 162539 but think it may be worth sending it 
here too as it might then get some attention. The bug seems to be present in 
all versions and may well remain there for even more.

It's on kmail filters and the address book.

Email addresses are often in the form of

"some bodies name etc < an actual email address>"

The somebodies name part sometimes changes and kmail will not allow the change 
to be entered into the address book as it checks on the actual email address 
part. The filters use the entire thing. This is inconsistent. It should also 
just check on the actual email address.

I would favour just checking on the content of the < > remembering that some 
email addresses will not have an associated name and also allow the same 
email address with different name to be placed in the address book.


Many people get a lot of spam and these checks can get rid of a lot of it.

My checks for instance are.

Split of bcc's from certain people.

If mail isn't to me send it straight to trash (that catches a lot)

If it's from somebody in my address book send it to the inbox

Else move it to a folder I did call inbox? (this catches the rest)

Spammers seem to have cottoned on to some of  this so I've also had to add an 
if from equals to filter. I also use a few other rules I haven't listed. As 
things stand they can make life more difficult by simpley changing the 
somebodies name part.

Ok the filters aren't meant for this but it is very effective and the bug 
still stands for normal use. I don't ever loose any mail that really is to me 
what ever is in it. If a facility was added to an email address to the 
address book while sending a new mail it would be much easier to maintain. I 
have to add it after I get a reply. This is an ommission in any case. There 
should be an option to add an address.

Things would be also improved by adding some moderately wild card case 
insensitive  filtering based on the content of the tittle or maybe even a 
bayesian filter could be used after the above rules have been applied. I have 
found these filters on their own are useless. Hardly surprising really 
because they don't stand a chance of being anything remotely like 100% 

It's also worth noting that some sensible people change the name part of their 
own email address from time to time to filter out spam. Even some windoze 

I also hope that the people who maintain this list also read this as all lists 
seem to have another problem. There are clearly email address collection bots 
on all lists. There is no point in setting "to" and "reply to"  to 
kde at mail.kde.org etc as the bot can simply extract the senders email address 
from the source. As an instance of what this means in practice my typical 
spam catch went up by about 100% within a couple of days of joining the 
opensuse list. I've noticed the same effect when I've joined other lists. 

Given the problems spammers cause isp's and individuals mail to the list 
should just not be handled this way full stop.

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