Tutorials or How-Tos for KDE4?

Kevin B. O'Brien zwilnik at zwilnik.com
Mon Jun 2 04:15:14 BST 2008

Kishore wrote:
> On Monday 02 Jun 2008 3:05:39 am Kevin Krammer wrote:
>> On Sunday 01 June 2008, Kevin B. O'Brien wrote:
>>> I have tried searching on Google, but so far all I can find are
>>> tutorials on how to install KDE4 or tutorials on how to be a developer
>>> for KDE4. What if you are just a  (potential) user of KDE4 and want to
>>> know how to do stuff with it? Are there any such tutorials or how-tos
>>> available?
>> The "writers" part of our contributor community is currently a
>> bit "understaffed".
>> Additionally there have been many changes and understandably a lot of
>> non-coders wait for things to settle down a bit before playing around or
>> even start to use the new stuff.
>> See also Richard Johnson's call for contributors:
>> http://blog.nixternal.com/2008.05.21/kde-41-documentation-needs-your-help/
> Also, you can check http://vizzzion.org/?blogentry=817

Thank you, Kishore. That gives me something to go one, at least.


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