preventing applications from starting up automatically

Volker Maibaum volker.maibaum at
Wed Jan 30 08:17:08 GMT 2008


since a couple of weeks I have a problem with kwrite starting up
automatically each time kde starts.

I think I have shutdown my PC once when kwrite was still open.

Deleting the first two files, doesn't help - kickerrc doesn't seem to be
the cause.
me at murphy:~/.kde> find . -type f -exec grep -l kwrite {} \;

In .kde/Autostart there is no file for kwrite.  

I also had this problem with other applications from time to time, but
usually these applications where not so insisting and didn't showed up
anymore when I closed them properly before shutting down the system.

Can anyone help me with this issue? How does kde decide which
applications it starts automatically (besides Autostart)? Can this be
turned off? 



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