How to reset the icons defined by hand to the current theme?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jan 24 17:47:25 GMT 2008

David wrote:
> Thank you.
>     Which KDE version are you using?
> 3.5.8
>     How did you define them by hand?
> Right click on the file, properties, and clicking on the box.
>     Have you tried to undo what you did?
> No, because I would have to know the icon in the new icon theme :-)
> I got to do it by editing (the MIME type was "tex" in this case)  
> ~/.kde/share/mimelnk/text/x-tex.desktop and commenting out the line that 
> indicated the icon.
> But I think it is too complicated. I think KDE should have an option to 
> reset all the icons to the current theme. I would be very happy to 
> submit a bug, but, against which application?

The problem is that the Oxygen theme that ships with KDE4 has different 
names for the icon names than the themes that ship with KDE3.

You can change the MIME type icons used for an individual user account 
by using the Control Center:

	KDE Components -> File Associations

Unfortunately, there is no GUI provided to change the global settings. 
I regard this as a bug.  If you want to change the global settings, you 
will have to edit the files like you did previously.

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