Environemt for KDE programs started from the desktop icon

Frank Bures lisfrank at chem.toronto.edu
Fri Jan 18 19:57:55 GMT 2008

I am having a weird problem with KDE 3.5.4.

I use modified .cshrc and .kshrc which I have been using on various
*NIXes for years.  If I open a Konsole and do 'locale' I get correct
values for all relevant variables in all shells (ksh, csh, bash).
If I run 'k3b' (compiled from source) in any of those shells I get no 

Now, if I open K3B by clicking on its Desktop icon, it complains about 
unset locale variables, namely
"System locale charset is ANSI_X3.4-1968"

There is no option to change the shell k3b is running in by right clicking 
the icon and opening Properties.

Question:  How can I path the correct environmental settings onto the
K3B icon?



<feeb at chem.utoronto.ca>
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