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David david.maillists at
Tue Jan 8 21:25:43 GMT 2008


When I launched compiz-fusion in KDE 3.5.8, I saw that the number of
desktops was increased to 16. Then, I went to the KDE Control Centre and
lowered the virtual desktops to 1, then I had the compiz cube with 4

* Is it what I have to do, or am I missing the correct solution?

This solution is OK, except that now, the taskbar shows the windows of
allworkspaces, and I do not like it at all because tabs start

* Is there any solution to that?

Finally, a question for discussion: does KDE 4 "replace" compiz-fusion? On
the one hand, kwin integrates better with KDE than compiz :-) But, on the
other hand, it has fewer plugins (AFAIK, with KDE 4 it is not possible to
make windows' borders distort when you move the window). What do you think?
(Please, before answering this, please reply to the first two questions in
case you know the answers; if you do not know the answers to the first two
questions, you can reply to this last question :-D  ).

Thank you very much.
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