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Vijay Avarachen vavarachen at
Wed Feb 27 19:58:48 GMT 2008

       I am wondering if there is a option to enable kwin to remember
windows positions *globally*?

In other words, I don't want to manually specify kwin to remember the
position of a particular window/application.  I know this option exists but
to expect a user to do this manually per application/window is bit

Just to be clear, here is an example:

If I close a Konqueror window at position X,Y, next time I open Konqueror, I
want it to open at X,Y.  However, I want this to happen completely
independent of other apps.  I don't want to open Kate and find that it opens
at X,Y, when I had closed it last at position A,B.

Using the kwin filters (Window Behavior >> Window-Specific Settings), I was
able to get things working so that kwin remembers the last position
regardless of application.  So if I closed Konqueror at X,Y, launching kate
or anything else, it opened it at X,Y.

I have recently switched over from Gnome to KDE, so I apologize if there is
an obvious solution to this.  #KDE did not provide me with a
solution...hence the email.

Thank you for your help.

Vijay Avarachen

"Knowledge is the only wealth that grows as you spend it, and diminishes as
you save it."
-- ancient Sanskrit saying
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