Replacing commas with tabs in KWrite

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Mon Feb 4 20:47:47 GMT 2008

Frank Bures wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Frank Bures wrote:
>>> I need to edit a comma delimited database file so that it becomes tab 
>>> delimited.  In OS/2 I just globally searched for ',' and then replaced it 
>>> with ASCII [09] character by entering <Alt-0-9>.
>>> I cannot do that in KWrite as KWrite does not interpret <Alt> at all
>>> and just enters "09" in the 'Replace with' field.
>>> When I try to enter <Tab>, it just takes me to another field.
>>> How do you replace anything with unprintable characters in KWrite?
>>> (short of using vi of course :-))
>> Use KDE4 :-). katepart in KDE4 should support the usual set of C-like 
>> escapes; in this case, \t, \x0009 or \0011 should all work.
> It's funny, it works the other way round.  I can search for tabs by 
> entering "\t" and activating regexp button.  Then I can replace it with any
> printable character.  However I cannot replace anything with "\.".
> I am talking KDE 3.5 and KWrite.

Yes, this was a long-standing wish that was finally addressed :-).

> Well, back to the trusted vi I go :-)

Actually, as soon as I posted that, I remembered the 's' command, which 
/does/ understand \t... view->switch to command line, and then type 
's/,/\t/g' works, but only on the current line. I want to say there is a 
way to make it work on all lines (and I found a list mail on google that 
implies it is so), but I don't recall how offhand, and haven't managed 
to track down anyone that knows.

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