Can't set a Ctrl+Q shortcut for applications

Ryo Furue furue at
Fri Feb 1 21:22:42 GMT 2008

Hi KDEers,

Could somebody know what's wrong with setting Ctrl+Q for "Quit"

   Control Center > Regional Accessibility > Keyboard Shortcuts
     > Application Shortcuts > File > Quit


I select the "Quit" action in the "File" category of "Application
Shortcuts", and choose "Default" in the "Shortcut for Selected Action"
panel, which sets the shortcut for "Quit" to be "Ctrl+Q" because it's
the default.  I then press the "Apply" button and quit the Control
Center.  But, nothing changes.  For example, KOrganizer doesn't quit
on "Ctrl+Q".  Even the Control Center doesn't quit.  I go back to the
Control Center and find the new shortcut stays.

So, I end the current session and log in to KDE again.  When I visit
the Control Center, I find an empty "Quit" shortcut!

I've repeated this whole process, with the same result.  What do you
think is wrong?

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